With December break right around the corner, there was no better way to wrap up this year than with SAC’s Winter Wonderland themed semi-formal. Over three hundred individuals, consisting of students, staff and administrators arrived at Galaxy Grand Convention Center on December 9th for this long-anticipated event.
Prior to the evening, there was tangible excitement in the air at TFSS, and everybody attending was certainly enthusiastic. In nearly two weeks, tickets were completely sold out and lines for picking up them up were infinite! Everyone excitedly discussed their outfits, shoes, and all things regarding the dance; semi-formal had not even begun, but people were ready to party!
When the dance started, all uncertainties about school and life disappeared, and for that one night students danced off any stress they had. Minutes after the attendees finished eating, they gathered on the dance floor, and whether it was Bollywood music or Drake playing, nothing stopped them from partying the night away. The warm atmosphere of joy and laughter stayed just that until the final moment.
Alongside the food and dancing, there was a photo booth set up for students to take photographs and preserve memories. Events and opportunities like this enable us to socialize, connect, and celebrate together as a whole.
Semi-formal was arranged by our Student Activity Council, and it was an outright success. Months of preparation and effort was devoted by our fellow SAC members, and all those who attended the dance got to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Overall, the evening could not have gone more impeccably as each person definitely had a fantastic experience.

– Taranpreet Kaur