Enter, but only if you dare …

Accio all Potterheads! November 18, 2016 marks the release date of the sensational prequel to the Harry Potter series; Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Just when you thought all the magic from our lives had disapparated, best-selling author, J.K Rowling, gives fans the ultimate #throwback to 70 years before the time of Harry Potter.



Fantastic Beasts is the first of an exciting upcoming series, following Newton (Newt) Scamander and his adventure as he researches magical creatures. The series is set in the Big Apple, when we see the intrigued Newton arrive on a ship. As he begins to wander the streets, he notices a lady, steaming with fury towards wizards. Continuing down the street, Newt notices his Niffler, a creature which managed to escape from his bag. In the confusion of attempting to find the Niffler, he drops an Occamy egg. Jacob, a “no-maj” whom he bumped into earlier, attempts to return said egg, with no luck. Porpentina Goldstein attempts to take him into the Magical Congress of the Unites States of America (MACUSA), again with no luck. They are forced to stay with Graves. Several more of Newt’s creatures have escaped, including an Erumpent and a Murtlap.

The movie takes a turn when Newt disappears into his case, with Jacob following behind. Here, they meet the other creatures. Skipping ahead, we find Newt and Jacob on the run from MACUSA and the Goldsteins. They find their first beast in Central Park. With great challenges, they manage to capture it. Lives are lost as dark forces become step in. Mayhem and confusion rings in New York as lives are continuously lost.

More charms, more creatures, more adventure.

7 words.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.