Biancaa Modi –

The holiday season is stressful. It doesn’t matter whether or not you celebrate a festivity in the cold month of December. If you’re a teenager who goes to school, you’re probably just as stressed as the guy next to you. From exams looming ahead, end of unit tests creeping up on you, to the never ending winter plans- it can get overwhelming. So, here are some ways to hopefully get you to relax during this hectic season, and really give you time to smell the fresh snow.  


  1. Plan Ahead.

       I know you have heard this one a thousand times, and I know none of us do this, but let me guarantee, guarantee, that if you plan to study ahead of time, and leave room for other last minute tasks that show up, you will be far less stressed. Make a schedule for the days that you’re meeting with friends, and days when you need time to study- it will make you feel, or at least make your friends and family think that you have your life together. You may even finish everything on your list a week earlier, giving you plenty of time to accomplish all those tumblr winter activities that you promised yourself you would.


  1. Meditate and Stretch.

        It’s a simple thing. All you need is a floor, and yourself. Believe when I say that it’s calming, and it gives you a calm breathing pattens. I would recommend the standard 4 or 5 morning poses/stretches such as Cobra, and Downward Dog, and you will feel that much more calm, and ready to take on whatever the world throws at you. If you ever take this expert advice, you won’t regret it.


  1. Warm Drinks

          It’s been proven that hot drinks like tea really aid the de-stressing process, and as a tea fanatic myself, I can agree. The warmth of just sitting with a mug of tea, hot chocolate, or even hot water in your hands can really make you feel like you’re doing something good for yourself amongst all the stress. I would recommend Orange Pekoe for a simple tea, Chamomile to take calm to the next level, and Peppermint tea to get into the holiday spirit. As well, candy cane-hot chocolate is always a favourite.


  1. Take a Walk

        Simple, I know, but sometimes you have to appreciate the bigger picture to realize that your stress doesn’t have to be that stressful. It is not the end of the world if you don’t know how to write that essay, and it won’t be the end of you if you handed something in a day late. The world still spins, the snow still falls, and it’s nice to just appreciate the beauty in the things that are out of your control.