Kamesha Ramnarine –

Lights, Camera, Action!

The road to CultureFest has finally started again. For those who don’t know what this magical event is, CultureFest is a showcase of the many cultures in the world through dances, songs, food, and even fashion. With auditions just around the corner, no wonder students have been practising so vigorously. Simply watching them is exhausting on it’s own. We interviewed several students to get an idea of what the event means to them.


Thamilini Balakumar: “What does CultureFest mean to you?”

Answer: “CultureFest is somewhere where everyone in the school comes together and learns about different cultures. It’s a great way to make new friends and have fun!”


Supreet Dhillon: “What’s your favourite thing about CultureFest?”

Answer: “I love that it introduces a variety of cultures through the art of performance. It provides students with the opportunity to meet new people, and try new things from different cultures. I also love that I’m able to represent my culture.”


Bianca Matthews: “Would you consider CultureFest to be an important event? Why?”

Answer: “CultureFest is important because it’s one of the things that make Turner Fenton such a unique and diverse school. It strengthens your bond with the people you meet, and lets people step out of their shell, while still feeling included in something.”


Dhruv Cheemakurti: “Is CultureFest important to you specifically?”

Answer: “Yes, because culture is in my heart and I am festive, so I’m culture-festive.”


From the interviews, it’s clear that many students have the same opinion on CultureFest. It’s an amazing way to have fun, meet new people and learn about new cultures. It’s also great for all you culture-festive people who have culture in your heart. Dances are incorporated from EURO, SAP, WISA, AME, NAP and PRIM. Singing and mini skits are included as well during the performance. Keep it locked and dance your way over to CultureFest in March of 2017!